Frequently asked questions

Is the purpose of this society to have theological discussions and write academic papers?

No. While the society will hold discussions about theological dilemmas that health care providers face, its focus will be to address practical issues, not to produce publications.

Is there a fee to join?

Yes. At this time there is an annual fee of $20. We hope to have a conference with a speaker within the next year or two, and this will help defray some of the costs. It will also help with the costs of the website.

What if I’m the only one interested from my parish?

The society wants to provide opportunities for every parishioner to grow and serve Christ. There may be medical mission trips in the future in which parishioners from multiple parishes participate.

I’m really busy. What if I’m not available to watch the lectures live?

We will record the lectures and make them available online to be viewed at your convenience. We will also maintain a message board for discussions about outreach ministry ideas (e.g., how one parish organizes a health screening fair for the community).

Do you have any programs to address the opioid crisis?

Yes. One that even the smallest of parishes can participate in and that Orthodox Christians are uniquely fitted for, a Paraklesis service for the addicts and their families.


Get your parish involved!

Please consider joining us so that as a metropolis we can apply our education to share the love of Christ. Our goal is that through this society and other organizations our metropolis would be known as “The Metropolis of Mercy.”